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Brooklyn we go hard.

Directly, we will expose around , , and of a Brooklyn we go hard. We will show the detail of a fully Brooklyn we go hard here. Keep on reading!.

Brooklyn we go hard

Brooklyn we go hard

Brooklyn we go hard is a song title sung by Jay-Z featuring Santogold. The original title of this song originally is Brooklyn go hard, but in the lyric it is stated Brooklyn we go hard. This is an easy listening song because most of the American are familiar with the genre of this song. Maybe, not only the American who are familiar with the genre, hip hop, but also people around the world are familiar. We can call that the hip hop is the song of the young generation. Because it is the song of the youths, it makes any song under the hip hop genre can be very easy to be accepted. Brooklyn we go hard makes its move on December 1st 2008

On that very date, Brooklyn we go hard had been released. When the first time it was released, this very song was in the form of digital download. It means that people could download this song, maybe, for free. Just open your laptop, then google it, enter the key word-the song title, and finally you find the links to download this song. Brooklyn we go hard is available in the Notorious soundtrack and Blueprint 3 albums. If you like to have the CD or cassette you can find in those two albums.

Brooklyn we go hard is remade by several musicians such as Crooked I, Fabolous, Joell Ortiz, Royce da 5'9", Mos Def and Sauce Money. Those musicians created the new freestyle rap to the song. By recycling the lyrics or just remaking the song itself. Moreover, one of the musician named Raekwon created the new version of this song untitled "Staten Go hard"

By looking back at the brief explanation afore, we can generalize that this very is one of good songs. It is proved with the amount of recycle of these songs. Furthermore, some musicians created its own version of Brooklyn we go hard. The new version of this song may get some controversial opinion from the listeners, but the Brooklyn we go hard is still what it is. People may change the form of this song, change the way hot it sings, or even make their own version about this song, and many controversial got, but things that we cannot deny from this very song is this is a spectacular song.