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Getting to Know with Kris Van Assche.

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Getting to Know with Kris Van Assche

Getting to Know with Kris Van Assche

Among many fashion designers, some people may not know or hear about Kris Van Assche. Most people may only know well about Donatella Versace, John Galliano, and Valentino Garavani, but some of them do not really know about Kris Van Assche. For that reason, this article is intended to give information in accordance with him. Kris Van Assche is a fashion designer from Belgium, who was born in 1976. From 1994 to 1998, he studied at the Antwerp Royal Academy of Fine Arts.

In 1998, Kris Van Assche moved to Paris and was immediately appointed as first assistant for Hedi Slimane at Yves Saint Laurent. At Christian Dior, Kris Van Assche was in collaboration with Hedi Slimane in launching and development of Dior Homme collection until September 2004. The Dior Homme collection was hugely successful. More importantly, Kris at last presented his own collections for men. He presented his own men's collection during Men's Fashion Week in Paris.

For sure, Kris Van Assche has made a balance of nostalgic historical sense and radical modernism. Since April 2007, he has been artistic director for Dior Homme. In addition, he also has his own label that is after his name.

For more information regarding the Belgian fashion designer, Kris Van Assche, we can check out his official website. There, we can get anything related to Kris Van Assche. We can find some accessories he produces. As well, we can also find the events and shows presented by him. What is more, we can get in touch with him by noting down the contacts.