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Self Acne Spot Treatment

Acne? Of course the presence of acne in the face will make our confidence lost. Acne is not a disease but the most people who have acne will get dizzy to think of ways of eliminating it. Loss of acne was not an end of everyone's problems because after the acne is gone, it will usually leave acne spots that will reduce facial look. Therefore we really need an acne spot treatment.

Then how to do acne spot treatment? The basic principle of the treatment is quite simple; to restore the skin texture or smooth the appearance of acne scars you need to lift the top layer of your skin so new skin layer underneath can come to the surface.


Acne Spot Treatment.

There are several steps you can do at home, see below.


This method will not be painless and quite easy to do. Use a chemical peel products containing Alpha Hydroxyl Acids produced from fruit. The stronger the acid content the better it works. To obtain a stronger chemical peel effect, perhaps we need to visit a dermatologist or a particular health spa that provide these services. Whatever type of peeling you select, it should be done with a little discipline and time. The skin repair process will not just happen overnight, so be patient while still routinely perform such treatments. This process may take up to several months before we can see clear results in our skin.


There are some special cream products that can help overcome acne scars. Rosehips seed oil is one that can work quite well. This may be due to the high content of Vitamin C in it. Make sure you choose product with those ingredient.

Aloe Vera

Take a leaf Aloe Vera and cut into pieces. Then slice the outer shell part until you can see the meat and white mucus. Then apply it only on the facial section that appears acne spot. If you are diligent enough to do every morning and evening or before bed, your acne may dry up and disappear in 3 days.


To remove acne spots use a honey that has been preheated. Then apply to the spots while still warm. Let stand about 10 minutes. Do it every day until the spots disappear completely. It may take a time, but save.

Fruit mask

Pineapple or apple fruit contains ascorbic acid that helps diminish scars and skin slough. Create a pineapple and apple puree, use it as a mask or apply it on the acne spot. Let stand for 20 minutes then rinse. Do it at least once or twice a week.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E help to cure your skin. Apply pure vitamin E on acne scars three or four times a day. You will see the result within two weeks. Good luck!