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Waris Ahluwalia of House of Waris.

His name is one of the well-known jewellery designers in United States, even in the world. Besides he is a Hollywood actor and style icon. He was and lived in India until age five, then, he and his family moved to United States, and grew up in Brooklyn, New York City. In 2007, he built his jewellery design business, House of Waris. The business remains popular and becomes one of the exclusive brands in the world. Even, his works only available in five superior boutiques all over the world, some of which are Dover Street market in London, Colette in Paris, and Barneys in new York. Most of his works are made in Jaipur, therefore, mostly he spends his time in India and New York. His works frequently gets high responds from the fashion magazines. Directly, we will let on some , , and of a Waris Ahluwalia of House of Waris. We will bring out the elaborate of a fully Waris Ahluwalia of House of Waris here. Keep reading!.

Waris Ahluwalia of House of Waris

Waris Ahluwalia of House of Waris

In his adult, he happened to play at a band named the Savage Skulls. Moreover, he was even declined as sales assistant at a Gap clothing store. Then, he experienced to play in movies directed by his friends, Wes Anderson and Spike Lee. The movies are "The Darjeeling Limited", and "The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou". However, his life is turned from an actor to jewellery designer. The idea is come unintentionally. In 2003, he decided to create rings for himself. Then, his career developed quickly. Unpredictably, his jewelleries were getting good responds. The rings sold out in the shop just about several days. He began designing more jewellery which is mostly beautiful combination of traditional and modern.

The owner of House of Waris appearance is other uniqueness. His long and wispy beard, tightly tied turban, and humble personality make him not only loved because of the works but also of his personality. Moreover, his jewellery has special touch of ancient Indian city of Jaipur and contemporary references. That is one of the reasons why his jewellery is highly appreciated by his fans. The other one is because of the works is mostly done by hand. He and his craftsmen in Jaipur designed the magnificent jewellery in traditional way. He said that it is the way he and his craftsmen write a story. Therefore, many of his works are looked natural yet elegance.

One of his famous collections is Omnia Vincit Amor or Love Conquers All. It is inspired by traditional Indian Mughal jewellery. He and his craftsmen worked together using the ancient Meenakari techniquein which most of the steps is done by hand; cutting the silhouette, painting, and baking. In an occasion he told the secret of his success which is fully inspiring, "trust your instinct, and do not say "no" to anything…"

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