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Getting to Know with House of Holland.

When we try to check the internet about house of Holland, we may get two kinds of information. The first one will be about Henry Holland, a fashion designer from Manchester, England. The second information is really about house of Holland, which is a nonprofit center of collective member that creates a community space where the patients can gather to share information about the current medicinal issues. However, we are going to discuss about the house of Holland by Henry Holland. Henry Holland was born on twenty six May nineteen eighty three. He is a very young and talented designer from Ramsbottom. He has made several attractive design and models. Now, we will expose approximately , , and of a Getting to Know with House of Holland. We will show the lucubrate of a fully Getting to Know with House of Holland here. Keep reading!.

Getting to Know with House of Holland

Getting to Know with House of Holland

One of his works that has attracted many people is a t-shirt with spanking catchphrases, including "I'll tell you who is boss, Kate Moss". His house of Holland also has blog for people who want to check out the creativity of Henry Holland. The latest collection by house of Holland features tees with some acronyms. One example of the acronyms on the tees is 'waysb', i.e. 'what are you saying babes'.

To know Henry more, he used to work for the magazine Sneak in the fashion section. In autumn of two thousand eight, he became the co-presenter of a flagship fashion, which later is held again in spring of two thousand ten. For information, Holland collaborated with Levi Strauss and Co to produce denim. Meanwhile, the house of Holland held the initial solo show in February two thousand eight, which was after two seasons of show with Fashion East. The solo show was on the main schedule of Fashion Week. For additional information, Henry once admitted that he was a fan of Nicola Roberts.

What is more, House of Holland consequently achieved to win the 'Best Use of Tartan Award' at the Fashion Awards in Scotland. Additionally, products by house of Holland are specifically focusing on T-shirts, tights, and accessories. The accessories include pearl hoop earrings, maribu earrings, padlock key rings, and other products. Furthermore, Henry has founded several stockiest located in many countries. We can find the stockiest in United Kingdom, Turkey, Denmark, Dubai, France, Japan, Italy, and Spain. As well, we may find the stockiest in other countries such as Singapore, South Korea, Hong Kong, China, and United States of America. With the stockiest available in many countries, we do not need to afraid we cannot find the products by Henry Holland.