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Serena and Blair’s Influence of Gossip Girl Style .

Gossip Girl is a phenomenal television series in America for its performing teen drama and of course for its style. All of the episodes of the series are furnished whether with the gorgeous physical appearance of the characters and their fabulous dresses. This television series that was premiered in September 2007 have some favorite characters, they are Serena van der Woodsen, Blair Waldrof, Georgina Sparks, and some others. The three characters that have been mentioned are well known as the favorites of building Gossip Girl style. This writing will describe how those three characters build up the Gossip Girl style. By reading this writing below, perhaps you will get inspired about fashionable dresses from the Gossip Girl style. Instantly, we will let out just about , , and of a Serena and Blair’s Influence of Gossip Girl Style . We will reveal the set apart of a fully Serena and Blair’s Influence of Gossip Girl Style here. Keep reading!.

Serena and Blair’s Influence of Gossip Girl Style

Serena and Blair’s Influence of Gossip Girl Style

Let us pay attention to most of the episodes where Serena showed off her admirable style that is inspired by Kate Moss. Serena got some mixes of fashion where pieces of vintage are combined together. Serena was in love with her style that somehow look like a crazy boho chic. Serena always had a peculiar spin on her outfit for going out. Besides got inspired by Kate Moss, Upper East Side was also play role in setting Serena's fashion that made her looked luxurious by hundreds of dollars cost of the fabric. After Serena, Blair came out with classic, polished, and flawless upper east stereotype. She always incorporates a pop of color in some way such as her bright red trench coat over a navy dress. There was not a hair out of its place for Blaire. Blair's washed hair and match up outfits showed her as gorgeous as the queen at the center of their chess game.

The last favorite character that performed the Gossip Girl style is Georgina. As a newest female cast member, she got a fierce style. She wore lots of dark colors such us black and studded rocker jewelry. As well as she performed a bad girl, she got leather jackets on her scenes. Georgina mostly put on complete jewelry set like necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. She is never got satisfied with fewer accessories.

All of the characters were performed well in representing Gossip Girl style. For you who get inspired by those styles, there are some references such as Ebay, ShopBop, Charlotte Russe and Urban Outfitters where you can purchase the wardrobes and get dressed as fabulous as those Serena, Blair, or Georgina.