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A Story about A Night At The Opera by Marx Brothers.

A night at the opera is a musical comedy film produced in 1935, produced by Marx Brothers. This film is really popular among the people in all over the world, and it is even considered to be the best and the most popular film produced by Marx Brothers. Even though a night at the opera got lots of critics during its release, yet, his film is considered to be one of the best film that has ever been produced for decades. The main goodness of this movie is on the great combination of the comedy sequences, the musical numbers, and of course the plot or the story line itself. The great combination of a night at the opera leads this film to the high standards of movie that gain fantastic financial success. Even, one of the best rock bands in the world, Queen, with Freddie Mercury as the lead singer of the band uses this film as the name of this band’s forth album. Straight Off, we will discuss approximately , , and of a A Story about A Night At The Opera by Marx Brothers. We will show the detail of a fully A Story about A Night At The Opera by Marx Brothers here. Keep on reading!.

A Story about A Night At The Opera by Marx Brothers

A Story about A Night At The Opera by Marx Brothers

The success of a night at the opera is because of the solid team behind the production. Marx Brother believed this film’s screenplay to the best screenplay writers in the world at that time. They are the playwrights George S. Kaufman and Morrie Ryskind. Both playwrights had worked together very well to build the screenplay of the Cocoanuts at 1929, and also Animal Crackers at 1930. Similar to a night at the opera, those movies also gained fantastic success.

Not only because of the professional screenplay and playwright writers, this movie succeed because of the contribution of the solid comedy team that had professional capability in making this movie awesome. There are three major members of the team. The first member is a very gentle man with thick mustache and thick eyebrows, and of course a cigarette that move very often in his mouth, Groucho. Besides him, Harpo, is another major member of a night at the opera. Harpo is a mute girl-chaser that is also a harp-playing. The last major member is Chico. Chico is a piano player originally comes from Italy that loves to rip-off the scam-artist.

The fact that this A night at the Opera got huge appreciation can be seen from the awards that this film got. Several awards received by a night at the opera is considered to be top ten film and tv shows in the world, like AFI’s Greatest Movie Musical and other AFI;s awards.

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