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Success Line of Annabelle Dexter-Jones’ Family.

Annabelle Dexter-Jones is the daughter and members of Ronson/Dexter-Jones clan, which means that in her nuclear family alone, she’s got great people in it. Her dad, Mick Jones of Foreigner, and her brother is Mark Ronson. Annabelle Dexter-Jones’ sister Samantha Ronson and her brother Alexander Dexter-Jones are DJs, her sister is Charlotte Ronson, a designer, and a legendary clotheshorse mom (Ann Dexter-Jones). And while she wants to one day own her mother’s entire enviable stash of vintage, Dexter-Jones is doing just fine sourcing her own, from Courrèges to Alaïa. “She’s a real New Yorker, with style, poise, and a true affinity for vintage,” Joos says of her latest muse. “With minimal effort, she creates a style that suggests a less-is-more sentiment.” Annabelle spoke with about her philosophy of style, whether it is old and new.Now, we will discuss more or less , , and of a Success Line of Annabelle Dexter-Jones’ Family. We will bring out the specify of a fully Success Line of Annabelle Dexter-Jones’ Family here. Keep on reading!.

Success Line of Annabelle Dexter-Jones’ Family

Success Line of Annabelle Dexter-Jones’ Family

Annabelle Dexter-Jones is now modeling for her sister's label Charlotte Ronson, Charlotte Ronson's Fall 2011 Fashion Show at the Mercedes-Benz-sponsored Fashion Week in New York was a family affair. Sister and deejay Samantha Ronson mixed the music for the show, while half-sister Annabelle Dexter-Jones, served as one of the models. Annabelle Dexter-Jones was gorgeous in a stunning military herringbone suede trim riding jacket that was paired with a military silk Caspian dot print romper completed with black lace-up wedge booties. Annabelle has quite a bit of modeling experience. According to her biography, she has modeled in campaigns for Louis Vuitton and Hogan, besides being the face of Charlotte's clothing line.

Annabelle Dexter-Jones has an appreciation for short dresses, skirts and shorts and prefers for her tops to be on the tight side. Her style sways towards feminine with a mix of tomboy pieces thrown in to the mix. Her wardrobe is a mix of vintage and designer brands. Although she has said that she would like to own her mother's closet, which she describes as a goldmine. Stylist Natalie Joos has described Annabelle as a real New Yorker, with style, poise and a true affinity for vintage.

Annabelle Dexter-Jones told WWD (Women Wear Daily) in an article about Saraiva, Annabelle Dexter-Jones had been working on something of her own–a clothing line. “It’ll be super girly, kind of like me,” she said. It will be hard not to draw comparisons between her and Charlotte; but, the fact that they have different last names could prevent that. No word yet on what the line will be called, but she planned to unveil it next February in New York. As far as we know, she has no formal design training but if the undeniable success of pretty much her entire family is any indication, Annabelle’s line will probably be awesome.