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The Wonderful Beijing Opening Ceremony.

Do you know Beijing Opening Ceremony? Beijing opening ceremony is nickname of 2008 Summer Olympics opening ceremony that held in Beijing National Stadium. This ceremony began on August 8, 2008. Featuring more than 15,000 performers and cost over US$100 million to produce, this Olympic opening ceremony is known as the greatest ceremony ever. At that time, Olympic Beijing opening ceremony can be watched live from many other countries using satellite and even though we were in the other country we can watch that spectacular, wonderful, and amazing opening ceremony for Olympic Games. At Once, we will bring out some , , and of a The Wonderful Beijing Opening Ceremony. We will bring out the flesh out of a fully The Wonderful Beijing Opening Ceremony here. Keep reading!.

The Wonderful Beijing Opening Ceremony

The Wonderful Beijing Opening Ceremony

The Beijing opening ceremony shows us the spirit of Chinese in welcoming the Summer Olympics Games on 2008. Along with Olympic games opening ceremony, they show us so many things about their culture such as Confucianism inspiration, Great Four Invention, ancient Silk Road, Taiji, and Chinese Kungfu. This opening ceremony was attended by more than 100 heads of state, heads of government and sovereigns. It makes this opening ceremony is the ceremony that attended by more than 100 head of state. Besides Beijing opening ceremony, this ceremony also has other nickname, “a night to remember”.

The sequences of event in Beijing opening ceremony are welcoming ceremony, artistic section, parade of nations, speeches by the Presidents, torch relay and the lighting of the flame cauldron, and encore. The entire event was happened of the Beijing opening ceremony or known as Bird’s Nest. All of those astonishing performances also show us that every member was the part of the country because they work together to make this opening ceremony became the greatest and the most wonderful Olympic opening ceremony ever that attract every eye in the world.

Even though Beijing opening ceremony didn’t use real fireworks it stills the greatest Olympic opening ceremony ever. The reason behind why they didn’t use real fireworks because it was dangerous for helicopters capturing the picture from above. There were real fireworks but not used by committee of the ceremony. The fireworks that are shown on television were computer animation. Aside fake fireworks, Beijing opening ceremony made use felt the spirit of Olympic Games. This opening ceremony also unites the world and reminds about that we all human beings and don’t need war.