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The Sexy Super Model Abbey Lee Kershaw.

Abbey Lee Kershaw is one of the most popular super models in the world. Originally comes from Australia, this super model has been known throughout the world as a talented super model that has very promising future. Abbey Lee Kershaw was born on June 12, 1987 in Australia, and have experienced a very tough childhood life. She has perfect body as a model. With around 5 feet tall, blue eye, and dramatic blonde hair, Abbey Lee Kershaw really suits the criteria for a woman of being a super model. No wonder why lots of men will never be able to take their eyes off of seeing this beautiful and sexy model. At Present, we will talk about , , and of a The Sexy Super Model Abbey Lee Kershaw. We will reveal the flesh out of a fully The Sexy Super Model Abbey Lee Kershaw here. Keep on reading!.

The Sexy Super Model Abbey Lee Kershaw

The Sexy Super Model Abbey Lee Kershaw

Abbey Lee Kershaw has a very tough and difficult childhood. She was well known to be a hospital girl, because she spent lots of her childhood in the hospital. She did not get very severe illnesses, but her activeness and her energetic behavior make her easy to get accident and to get hurt. Because of that, she had to be sent to the hospital to get proper treatment. She once got meningitis, and had to be hospitalized because of that. And little tumor in her knee make her hospitalized for the several time. Abbey Lee Kershaw claims that she is a multicultural super model, because since she was a kid, she has connected and befriended with lots of people from different culture. It makes her really different with other super models now.

Got bored with the Australian life, she finally decided to move to New York City on March, 2007. Moving to New York City made her more popular than before, until she was called to be the “next superstar”. Abbey Lee Kershaw made her first debut in the early 2008 in New York Fashion Week. She made lots of popular designers attracted to use her as their super model, like Oscar de la Renta, Halston, and also the popular Roberta.

Besides that, Abby Lee Kershaw showed her talent by joining the Milan Fashion Week at 2008 too with Gucci as her sponsors. She has to wear Gucci’s design, which will make her more and more accepted in the fashion world. And not long after that, Abbey Lee Kershaw was invited to be interviewed in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show for her excellent achievement. Thus make this super model really popular among the popular super models too, especially after her appearance as the cover model in the popular Vogue magazine.