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Comme des Garcons Fragrance Products.

Comme des Garcons which means Like The Boys is a Japanese fashion label established in 1973 and renowned for its innovative designs. It's hard not to get excited when Rei Kawakubo does something new. She has been wowing us for years with her deliciously original approach not only to the creation of avant-garde street fashion but equally to its branding and distribution, something she sees as integral to the design process. Incorporating fragrance into its roster in the 1990s, Comme des Garcons won over the world of perfumery with its line of entrancing unisex fragrances, as unconventional as its garments were by then known to be. It is no stranger to the fragrance facet of fashion having released their first fragrance labeled “Comme des Garcons” back in 1994. Along the way they have created some innovative scents including ‘anti-perfume’, “Odeur 53? which was the result of the blending of 53 non-conventional scents. April 2007 will mark the release of three new scents under their Play series. At Once, we will disclose some , , and of a Comme des Garcons Fragrance Products. We will show the elaborate of a fully Comme des Garcons Fragrance Products here. Keep reading!.

Comme des Garcons Fragrance Products

Comme des Garcons Fragrance Products

Unsurprisingly for a brand which only launched an official website in 2010, Comme des Garcons Parfums remains shrouded in mystery adding to the allure; from ‘White’ which was devised to connote feelings of a cloud to ‘888’ – if gold had a smell. With Series such as ‘Incense’ that transport you from the Palais des Papes and the medieval seat of the French Popes to Pagoda’s in Kyoto, the wearer is not only taken into a ‘concept’, but invited into the physical spaces where Comme des Garcons gather their inspiration. It have gone on to release more than 40 fragrances, as diverse and conceptual as their clothing sub-brands.

Following a period of ‘anti-fragrance’ creation; where using no natural ingredients mean that everything from dust burning on a light bulb to ‘Tar’ can be found in a bottle, more recently Collaboration has been on the Comme des Garcons Parfums agenda. Projects with ARTEK architect studios in Helsinki – where pencil shaving notes form the scent – to Monocle magazine’s Tyler Brûlé as he takes a bath in Japan or visits friends in their Lebanese Garden, mean it’s really just a question of imagination.

Series 8 Energy C is one of fragrance of Comme des Garcons, the latest in the company's line of distinct, offbeat fragrances which over the last fourteen years have spanned the olfactory gamut; from Harissa, a spicy ingredient used in African cuisine, to Garage (leather, kerosene and plastic notes), Sticky Cake (almonds, brown sugar and myrrh), and the original 'anti-perfume' Odeur 53, a combination of 53 non-traditional scents including washing drying in the wind, sand dunes, nail polish, and burnt rubber. Series 8 goes back to basics with three fresh, citrusy variations – grapefruit, lemon and lime – created, as the name suggests, to wake you up and help you feel energized. Our favourite is grapefruit, with notes of blackcurrant and petitgrain over jasmine, mandarin and musk. So, when you need ‘special’ fragrance, don’t get hesitant to try one of Comme des Garcons perfume.