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Princess Marie Chantal in Highlight.

Princess Marie Chantal was born in London. This classy lady has two sisters. She grew up in many countries. Starting in Hong Kong until she was nine, Princess Marie Chantal continues her journey to Switzerland to attend a boarding school. Later on, she went to Paris to continue her study and finally take the senior year in New York. It is very clear that her passion is in art. This is the reason why Princess Marie Chantal took the art degree in her college year and then entered the university with a very remarkable reputation. She enrolled in New York University, majoring History of Arts. Instantly, we will let on just about , , and of a Princess Marie Chantal in Highlight. We will expose the detail of a fully Princess Marie Chantal in Highlight here. Keep on reading!.

Princess Marie Chantal in Highlight

Princess Marie Chantal in Highlight

Even though Princess Marie Chantal dropped out in the middle of her study and only enjoyed the education in the university for one year after the enrollment, she never loses her passion for arts. It is such a pity that her talent had to stop developing in the formal school. This kind of event happened as she received the proposal from the Crown Prince of Greece named Pavlos. This gave her the title of Crown Princess of Greece. Princess Marie Chantal got a very romantic proposal amidst the awesome view of the Switzerland snowy land in the middle of her holiday.

Stopping her education in the university does not mean she also stop being creative in showing her art. Princess Marie Chantal keeps improving her talent. She creates drawing and many kinds of arts pieces. At the end of the day she established a clothing line for kids. Before that, she once worked at School of American Ballet and contributed her talent in teaching the students there. The children clothing she created is now very famous and well known. The line provides luxurious and glamour designs of kid's clothes and accessories.

The design that is offered by Princess Marie Chantal in her clothing line will show the elegance of the kids. The children who wear these clothes will look classy and playful just in a wink of an eye. It is very impressive that such a busy bee and famous Princess Marie Chantal could still allocate her time to channel her talent and passion in arts amidst her cramped schedule as a Crown Princess of Greece. No wonder that her charisma and reputation remain clean in the eyes of the Greek society in specific and world society in common. She is a very bright lady that has become a role model for all the women all over the nation.